Points Tests for Australian visas

Points tests in the Australian visa system

Australia has a very attractive immigration program for professionals from all over the world. For some Australian visas, a points test must be taken as part of the expression of interest prior to submitting a visa application. The achievement of a certain minimum number of points in this points test is a prerequisite for being invited to submit a visa application. This system allows Australia to manage immigration effectively. The Australian points system is mainly used for Skilled visas as well as for some Business and Investor visas. There are different points tests for these two visa categories.

Points test for an Australian Skilled visa

Anyone who fulfils the formal minimum requirements for an Australian Skilled visa and has a job that is on one of the relevant Skilled Occupations Lists must additionally qualify via an expression of interest by means of the points test for skilled migration. If you achieve the required number of points, you will receive an invitation from the Department of Home Affairs to submit a visa application. The minimum score required for an invitation can vary for some professions.

Categories for the Skilled visa points test:

  • Applicant’s age: The allocated points vary according to age. The relevant age range is between 18 and 45.
  • Training and qualifications: You are awarded points depending on the level of your highest qualification. The higher the degree, the more points you get for it.
  • Study in Australia: If you have at least one degree, diploma, or trade qualification from an Australian educational institution that meets the Australian study requirement, you are awarded additional points.
  • Professional experience: If you have had professional experience for the past 10 years in the profession relevant to the visa, you will receive points. The more years you have, the more points you get. It is differentiated between employment within and outside Australia.
  • Professional Year: If you have completed a Professional Year in Australia in the relevant profession, you can receive additional points.
  • Language skills: Points are awarded for proof of English proficiency. If you are also a NAATI-recognised translator, you will receive extra points.
  • Partner’s qualifications: If you are accompanied by your partner in the immigration, further points can be awarded if his or her job also features on the relevant Skilled Occupations List.
  • Partner’s English language skills: If your partner’s English language level is ‘competent English’ or better, you will receive additional points. 
  • Extra point are awarded to applicants who have an Australian partner or who have no spouse or de-facto partner. 
  • Sponsorship: Specialist visas that provide Australian state nomination and sponsorship will earn additional points for this sponsorship.

Points test for an Australian Business or Investor visa

To obtain a Business or Investor visa for Australia, the appropriate formal criteria must be met. In addition, an expression of interest (EOI) must be submitted to the Department of Home Affairs prior to submitting an application. Depending on the visa category and the amount of investment planned, as far as applicable to the visa, applicants for these visas may need to qualify additionally through a points test.

Categories for the Business and Investor visas points test:

  • Applicant’s age: The allocated points vary according to age. The relevant age range is between 18 and 54.
  • Language skills: Points are awarded for proof of English proficiency in a recognised language test. The higher the score in the language test, the more points you receive.
  • Training and qualifications: If you have a corresponding vocational training or a university degree, you will earn points for it. The higher the degree, the more points you can get for it.
  • Experience as an entrepreneur or investor: If you can demonstrate experience as an entrepreneur (Business Innovation visa) or investor (Investor visa) in recent years, you will receive points under certain conditions.
  • Proof of assets: If you can prove that you possess assets with a certain value, you get points. Relevant assets include both business assets and private assets.
  • Annual turnover: If the applicant owns a business, points may be awarded depending on the annual turnover of this business.
  • Business innovation: There are multiple points in this category. The criteria include, for example, registration of a new patent, registered trademarks, existence of joint-venture agreements. In addition, ownership of a business with high growth rates is rewarded, as well as the existence of venture-capital funding.
  • Endorsement: If the applicant’s business is able to make a positive contribution to an Australian state, this state can support the visa application (endorsement). You will receive points for this endorsement.

The Business and Investor visa points test is relevant for the following visa class:

Migrant with business visa

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