Visa Expertise

Our Visa Expertise is a comprehensive written analysis of your visa options, tailored to your individual requirements and goals. This also includes the assessment of possibly suitable jobs on the Skilled Occupations Lists in the context of skilled migration.

Based on the information provided by you, we will prepare a detailed report. In this report, we will examine the relevant visa options and identify the best options for you. In the case of the Skilled Migration visa, you will also receive information about your specific profession in Australia, such as registration requirements, salary levels, labour market, and labour-demand forecasts.

In a one-to-one conversation lasting 60 to 90 minutes, we not only present the results of the Visa Expertise, but discuss with you the best strategy for your visa application.

Following the one-to-one conversation, you will receive a summary of the results with a detailed description of the steps required for your visa application.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to clarify any questions that may arise later directly and easily with us. For this, we provide you with a consulting budget of 60 minutes within 30 days after the one-to-one conversation.

The fee for this consulting package is A$700.-

You will be assisted throughout the whole process by a registered migration agent assigned specifically to you, who will be your central point of contact for all queries.
Visa Expertise on Australian visas

Visa Expertise by Visapath Australia

  • Conducted by a registered migration agent
  • Skills assessment strategy for Skilled Migration visas
  • Points-test estimation for points-tested visas
  • Personalised analysis and strategy
  • Detailed written report
  • One-to-one consultation lasting 60 to 90 minutes on Visa Expertise and strategy
  • Summary and written recommendation after the consultation
  • 60-minute consultation budget for any follow-up questions within 30 days
  • Assessment of all relevant visa classes – not just visa categories (e.g., skilled migration)
  • Consultation fee is credited to a later professional fee

Due to the complexity of the Australian visa system, our questionnaire contains a number of questions about your personal circumstances. The more completely you answer these, the better we can assess your options. Rest assured that the data you submit will be treated as strictly confidential and used only for these purposes. Registered migration agents are bound by stringent requirements regarding the handling of personal data, which we guarantee to comply with. Please also note our privacy policy.

Visa Expertise questionnaire

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