Visa Quick Assessment online

Visapath Australia’s Quick Visa Assessment is fast and free of charge.

All you need to do is fill in the questionnaire below. On this basis, you will receive a short, initial assessment as a first step and a basis for your consideration. In this, we will indicate:
  • Whether you may be eligible for a visa that meets your objectives based on the provided information
  • Possible visa category options
  • Possible next steps
  • And, of course, how we can assist you
Quick Assessment for Australian visas

Visapath Australia’s Visa Quick Assessment

Due to the complexity of the Australian visa system, our questionnaire contains a number of questions about your personal circumstances. The more completely you answer these, the better we can assess your options. Rest assured that the data you submit will be treated as strictly confidential and used only for these purposes. Registered migration agents are bound by stringent requirements regarding the handling of personal data, which we guarantee to comply with. Please also note our privacy policy.

Quick Assessment questionnaire